What are the main uses of stainless steel throat hoop


Stainless steel throat hoop is often used in ordinary transportation and chemical manufacturing agriculture and so on. It is also very common in the maintenance industry. It is obvious that this small spare parts play the role of fixing and linking. And sometimes different types of size and style are classified and used in different places, the layman at first glance think they all look the same, in fact, after careful observation will find that they are some different.

In general, stainless steel throat hoop is divided into four styles, the basic American type throat hoop, German type throat hoop, British type throat hoop and Nordic type throat hoop and so on, generally used in automobiles, earthmoving vehicles, cranes and ships and other transport vehicles are the use of American-style throat hoop, in these transport vehicles to consider the first is the problem of friction, usually stainless steel throat hoop in the United States is more commonly used; Then in the chemical and agricultural manufacturing industry is generally used in the British throat hoop, this throat hoop is mainly made of steel material, widely used in the market and low cost, for the factory this large number of places is suitable; And in the maintenance industry involved in the decoration or sewer maintenance details are used in German-style throat hoop, because of its production cost is not low but good quality and strong pressure resistance, so used for decoration and maintenance.

The throat hoop has a small diameter and a large diameter, according to the location to be connected to choose, if it is the sewage pipe this need pressure resistance and fixed ability of the object then it needs a large diameter and tight and firm adjustable throat hoop, must be anti-button pressure, in order to ensure that these supplies do not produce accidents. That's why throat restraints are so important